chén*di [chen-di / adj

1. a word to describe something that makes you happy

2. a studio that makes happy things through illustration, sewing, and hand-made artistic practices; a handmade, ethical, one-woman studio! 

* * * 

the word chéndi was a word created by my costa rican grandmother in the mid-1960's to describe her beautiful yellow cat named pecos bill. growing up speaking spanish and using the word chéndi on a regular basis (i grew up with many cats), i always thought it was a real word until middle school, when i used the word chéndi to describe something to my spanish-speaking friend, and she looked at me very confused. 

even though i now know that it's not a real word, it is a very real feeling that still is a huge part of me and my family's life. and since its first iteration, chéndi has changed meanings over the years, to cover more than just describing a beautiful cat. 

chéndi to me is a feeling of happiness, a feeling of satisfaction and beauty that comes from observing the small but important things in life, because no matter how small, anything can give you happiness, and can bring the feeling of chéndi into your already happy and beautiful life.

everything in my studio is made by hand and with love, by ethical and conscientious means. i hope you can find something chéndi from my studio, and i hope it makes you feel happy, no matter how small or simple :-)


thank you for your support! *



Francesca Killian (1994) is a US illustrator & designer who comes from a multi-cultural artistic family, and has always loved creating since she was very young. She graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2017, receiving a B.F.A in Illustration, and a B.F.A in Textile Design. She is inspired by her own family history, classic & foreign films, good music, poetry, and the small and happy things in life... 

...and cats :-)

If you are interested in seeing my illustration work, please visit my website!